For many of us there comes a time when a little extra cash needs to be borrowed. Whether this is because there is an emergency repair or an unexpected bill, the fact remains the same that a small loan may be needed. Sometimes it can be difficult to plan for expenses which we didn’t foresee happening and in such times it can be vital that money is obtained quickly. This is where we believe we may be able to help. We are a short term loans lender who wish to offer you the opportunity to apply for a small loan via a simple and straight forward application process. The application itself is completely online based which we believe is important and means you can apply for the loan at a time which suits you and your needs.

We are a UK based lender who unlike other direct payday loan lenders do not charge a fee for submitting an application. This means you can complete our process safe in the knowledge you will not be charged a fee for doing so. If we are unable to assist you on this occasion or if your application is successful, you still won’t be charged a fee for applying. The same can be said for transfer related fees. A lot of direct lenders will charge you a fee to ensure the funds are transferred to your account the same day as approving the loan but we will not. Over the years we have built an understanding of what is important to customers and we believe this is. So please feel free to submit your application knowing you will not be charged additional fees for doing so.


Each member of our team has experience in the market for small loans and we think this vital in assisting you as a potential customer. Our knowledge means we have designed a product which we believe has the features which are important, such as our simple application process, flexible product, UK based team and no fees. We would like to think you will want to consider us further also but if you don’t thank you for taking the time to visit our site. For those who do wish to submit an application, please be assured it will be dealt with promptly by our Underwriters. Our aim is always to ensure we have gathered all the information we require during the application form, therefore allowing us to provide a quick and effective lending decision.

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